Here at Ohh Strap! we have various collections and designs, which can all be personalised to suit you and your camera’s needs!

So, please scroll a little further to see all of our wonderful, hand-crafted camera straps.



Customised orders are available to those who want a camera strap personal... 

Imperfect collection ♻️

At Ohh Strap! we believe in zero waste.

When creating straps, we openly admit there can be mishaps and problems - WE ARE ONLY HUMAN! This could be where perhaps the stitching isn’t as perfect as the others.. but rest-assured, the strap is still beautiful and will fulfill it’s purpose!

Our Imperfect collection are therefore highly discounted, as opposed to discarding materials!

See below our Imperfect collection:

If you would like further details or photographs of the item you are buying, please email us at or feel free to message us on Instragram @ohhstrap